Can you kayak on Rampart Reservoir?

Are boats allowed on Rampart Reservoir?

From late May to mid-October, all trailered and motorized watercraft are only allowed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays when CPW is performing aquatic nuisance species inspections. Hand launched watercraft may be launched from the boat ramp Monday – Sunday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. $7.00 day use fee.

Why is swimming prohibited in Rampart Reservoir?

Since the lake is used for drinking water, swimming is not permitted at Rampart Reservoir. However, you can still get out on the water via a boat for a small-day use fee. Rampart Reservoir is a deep body of water near Colorado Springs with a multitude of family friendly outdoor activities.

Is Rampart Reservoir open now?

RAMPART RESERVOIR RECREATION AREA: The 500 surface-acre reservoir, the largest in Pike National Forest, is open from Mid-May to December 1st, weather permitting. The reservoir is surrounded by trails and forests great for hiking, biking and picnicking.

Can you paddle board on any lake in Colorado?

Colorado’s got countless lakes and rivers suitable for all levels of stand up paddle boarding. In fact, wherever there’s a state park with a safe body of water, there’s probably an opportunity for paddling! … Lakes and reservoirs in particular are great for beginners as they often have calm and still waters.

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Is fishing good at Rampart Reservoir?

The water level in this reservoir can drop drastically during the summer months when household water demand is highest. Fishing for rainbow trout is usually good to excellent when the lake is recently stocked.

Is it safe to swim in gross reservoir?

Swimming, wading, scuba diving or other water activities are not allowed on the reservoir. You must stay on top of the water like kayaking, canoeing, in the winter ski touring or ice skating. On ice activities are legal and at your own risk.

Where does Rampart Reservoir get its water?

The Rampart Reservoir and Dam is located in Douglas County near Waterton Canyon. This reservoir is a small regulatory reservoir that is filled through a tunnel and pipeline system from Strontia Springs Reservoir. The Rampart Pipeline delivers water to Aurora from Rampart Reservoir.

Can you CAMP off Rampart Range Road?

Along Rampart Range Road there are about 30 free BLM camping spots that offer scenic views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding forest. The road in is about 6 miles of gravel, however a 2WD Sedan was able to make the journey just fine!

Can you snowmobile Rampart Range?

Recreation areas with activity Snowmobiling: Motorized oversnow travel is possible on the Rampart Range Road (NFSR 300) when sufficient snow cover exists.

What fills Rampart Reservoir?

Five years after its completion, the dam was completely filled and opened to the public as a recreation area. The reservoir has been stocked with fish by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, which continues to do so today.

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Rampart Reservoir
Surface elevation 9,000 ft (2,700 m)