Best answer: What is a sail number?

What do the numbers on a mainsail mean?

it’s a racing thing. the sail number lets the race committee know which boat is which, so it can record their finishing order.

What size are sail numbers?

Is there a space to respect between the characters of the country code or the sail numbers? Yes, for the Radial and Standard the minimum is 50mm so use 60mm to be sure the numbers and letters are not too close. For the 4.7, the minimum is 30mm so use 40mm. Numbers and letters should be regularly spaced.

What is sail pass?

SailPASS is a flexible and affordable day pass that allows you to discover sailing. It gives you the opportunity to try sailing a number of times, plus it allows you to get the feel for a club before doing a course or becoming a club member.

How do I find my laser sail number?

Where is your sail number located

  1. For Laser sailboats built after 2010 the sail number is located in the rear of the cockpit on a sticker.
  2. For Laser Sailboats Built Prior to 2010 the sail number can be decoded from the Hull Identification Number Located on the stern or on very early lasers under the bow eye.

Where do I put my laser sail number?

The bottom of each number and letter must lie on a Base Line . The Limit Line is parallel to the leech of the sail, and 100mm from it . The closest letter or number to the leech is positioned to just touch the Limit Line .

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