Best answer: How do you use a dive compass?

How do you read a diving compass?

Step-by-Step: Finding and Following a Heading

  1. Check your buoyancy. …
  2. Hold the compass where you can read it, and with the lubber line pointed toward your target.
  3. Check that the compass is level by rotating it slowly back and forth. …
  4. Count the tick marks from left or right of the closest cardinal point to the lubber line.

How does a dive computer compass work?

The dive compass (Photo One) is a waterproof instrument used by divers to navigate above water, on the surface and at depth. It determines direction by means of a free-rotating, magnetized needle that always points toward magnetic north. … The right compass in Photo Two has a black lubber line.

Do you need a compass for scuba diving?

Many experienced divers do not require a compass because they know how to navigate using the environment. Sometimes if the current sweeps you into an unknown area or the visibility is bad, a dive compass can be the only tool that helps you make it back to safety.

How do you tell which way is up underwater?

Watch the bubbles

Remember to ascend as slowly as possible, especially if you not able to look at your dive computer or depth gauge. Another good way to know which way is up is to look at the water in your mask. Water will always go down, so go the opposite way of the water drops in your mask.

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Is it OK to share a computer with your dive buddy?

It is OK to share a computer with your dive buddy. You should perform a safety stop at 5 meter for 3 to 5 minutes on every dive.

How do I stop sinus squeeze?

Treat allergies and underlying sinus conditions before diving or flying, and make sure you descend and ascend slowly using Valsalva maneuvers (swallowing or yawning on an airplane) to equalize pressure.

Does a compass work under water?

A compass will work just fine under water, I am an avid scuba diver and a compass is a standard piece of kit for navigating. Any magnetic compass absolutely will work underwater.