Are Zap Skimboards good?

How much is a Zap skimboard?


Ron Jon 45″ Deluxe Skimboard – 001 NEW ITEM Price: $119.00 Ron Jon 45″ Deluxe Skimboard – 002 NEW ITEM Price: $119.00
Zap Large Day Traveler Skimboard Bag Price: $99.00 Zap Medium Wedge Skimboard – 002 Price: $199.00
Zap Large Pro Skimboard Price: $339.00 Zap Lazer Skimboard – 001 Price: $149.00

What skimboard should I buy?

In terms of height, your skimboard should come up to around your own waist to chest height. Your ability may also affect the size you opt for as larger boards are slightly easier to ride, with greater surface area to stand on, and more float.

How long does it take for Zap Skimboards to ship?

When will my oder ship? Once the order has been placed please allow up to 3 business days for processing. Orders ship Monday through Friday excluding Holidays.

What skimboard does Austin keen use?

2021 Liquid Force Keen Skim Board. If you are keen on finding a new wake skimmer, the Austin Keen pro model is the Denali of all skims. This board is known for its super skate like and swift efficiency while gliding at the surface of the water with as little drag as possible.

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